Mandy is a nightlife entertainment producer/promoter. She is also a singer, actress, and photographer.

Mandy has been a Jill-of-all-trades, including waitress, cook, restaurant manager, music store manager, videographer, playwright, screen printer, graphic designer, school photographer, farm-hand, poet, web-voice, live emcee, and plus-model . . . in no particular order.

She started Mandyland Entertainment so local fringe artists could display their talent and so that everyone -regardless of race, religion, sex,  or hair color.  She welcomes straight, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, a-sexual, gender fluid, transgender, swirl, kinky, people in polo's and those in nothing but leather.  

Mandy loves everyone - but doesn't take any shit.


Martin the Clown

The Clown was hatched from a rusted water heater on the tundras of Siberia. He wanders the Earth in search of voice amplification equipment to put to use in helping others forget all of the negatives in life.

The Clown has been with Mandyland since its inception.

AND...he's kinda famous... - Meet Charlotte's Evil Clown

Creative Loafing - Martin "The Clown" Barry forgets the circus tricks 


Samantha's artistic journey has been a lifelong experience. From sketching in the woods growing up to designing her own tattoos, Samantha has always had a need to create. Her goal in this life is to expel her creative energy in a positive way, benefiting others and making their lives beautiful through art.


Samantha moved to Charlotte in 2013 and quickly found her home with Mandyland. Here she is a stage performer, producer, and choreographer.


Samantha is ever searching for new ways to express her creativity.

Straycat Sideshow

The Straycat Sideshow based out of Charlotte nc traveling sideshow couple that will leave you on the edge of your seats! Testing the limits of the body and mind, come join us for a show you will never forget.  Classic sideshow stunts with a new age twist, our pain is your amusement.







Corporate by day, dancer by night.

Surrounded by anything Disney, mermaids, or unicorns her life is like a musical comedy always randomly breaking out in song and dance.

Grew up in the theater with a traveling dance company, then turned model, went on to work in film productions in California, North Carolina, and South Carolina. 

Currently co-running her own burlesque dance company Bonjour Bonjour OMG in the Charlotte area.

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